Control is not necessarily good or bad

It’s about control.

Human beings have a natural tendency to try to order the things around them, so as to alter the circumstances to suit their needs and liking. The control may be for physical objects. We could design our home layout to suit a particular style. For example, if we want to project a certain level of cool sophistication we would fill our homes with objects that project that sort of image. Perhaps these may take the form of chandeliers, expensive vases, and designer furniture. But control does not imply excess. Just because you want to control the surrounding space does not necessarily mean you fill it with objects. If you want to lead a uncluttered lifestyle, you might order your home around a minimalist theme. Less furniture, but more functional items might be the way in which you control that space.

The sense of control may also extend unfortunately to people around. We may surround ourselves with friends who share the same interests, so that we have a common thing to talk about. After all, it would be hard work to surround yourself with people who just don’t get on the same wavelength as you, as you would be trying to make conversations on themes in which you don’t have common ground, and in the process of doing so, the working to find a common theme is difficult.

Many people around us – in fact, a fair proportion of society – would speak of control as if it were a bad thing, one linked with OCD. But control does not necessarily imply bad . Having control over means managing parts of life so that they do not interfere with your time, and free you up to have more things to do. Being in control is a good thing. But how do we manage being in control? We can establish it in various parts of our life through routine and habits. We can also take up other activities where managing different skills simultaneously is required. For example, as the Piano Teacher Finsbury Park website tells us, playing the piano involves six or seven different skills at the same time. Learning to manage these on an easy level provides a base from which you can increase the demands of all these, and when you encounter these stresses in life, you will have had experience in dealing with them on some level!